In 1971, Dennis Tobler began his sports betting career as a runner and a bookie in the Midwest. After achieving regional success, Dennis made his first trips to Las Vegas and the desert city welcomed him for good in 1980. Or perhaps Dennis made himself welcome, by taking advantage of what was available in the legal Mecca of sports betting.

The 1970s and 80s were a time of transition for Race &Sports books in Nevada. There were more books available inside of casinos — that meant more companies offering different point spread lines and odds. A great time for line shoppers like Dennis.

Local, self-produced television shows that discussed football betting helped create a following that turned national as shows were syndicated. In this millennium, fans follow Dennis on the Internet. But, in the “old days” it was television shows, 800 and 900 telephone numbers if a fan wanted to pick Dennis’ brain.

Please enjoy this site as it traces both Dennis Tobler’s and the sports betting industry’s evolution. The television shows reflect the communication methods, the sponsors and the best guests from each of the last three decades.

With the 2019 season upon us, Dennis is proud to announce his participation in his Football Forecast show. Football Forecast will be available at, as well as this site, with new shows weekly, covering the important points in football wagering.

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